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General Fund

Throughout the year, our 70+ member club provides financial aid and hands-on labor to a variety of great causes in the community, the state, the country, and the world. We can’t do it without our generous donors that support us in our fundraising efforts. When you buy a grilled cheese sandwich at the Sheboygan County Fair, you’re not just buying something yummy, you’re helping children get their vision screened to detect issues early in life so they can be treated quickly. When you win one of our raffles at the annual Tailgate Party, you don’t just go home with a great prize, you leave the party knowing you’re helping some high school seniors with college scholarships who will pursue a career in a health-related field. This is just a small sample of the impact of your generosity, and we THANK YOU for your support!

Roger Behm Memorial Fund

On October 31, 2021, we lost a dear member - Roger Behm. We only knew Roger for 2 years and he was only a member of the Plymouth Lions Club for 4 months, but the positive impact he's had on us and the community will endure indefinitely. He was a key catalyst in a wildly successful campaign to procure digital Reading Machines. 40 machines were delivered in February 2020, with 25 staying in the Plymouth community and 15 going to 6 other clubs in the District. In June of 2020, an order for 50 more Reading Machines was delivered to 15 clubs in the District.

To say Roger had a heart for "vision" is an understatement. It would fulfill his greatest wish to continue to spread the word of the life-changing machines and get them into people's homes. All donations to the “Roger Behm Memorial Fund” will go directly towards helping people challenged by blindness or other low-vision ailments.


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