About the Plymouth Wisconsin Lions Club

Established in 1964, the Plymouth Lions Club today consists of 65 men and women of diverse ages and backgrounds to serve the local community as well as international causes. We work hard together, but we also have a lot of fun, and develop lifelong friendships.

Each month, our club conducts 2 primary business meetings. Our dinner meeting is for all members, starting with a social hour, followed by a great dinner and table discussion, concluding with an update on club matters. We will often bring in a guest speaker to keep us informed on what’s going on in the community or with Lions International. Our Board meetings are run by the club’s Officers and Board Members, but all members are encouraged to participate. During these Board meetings, we review the finances of the club as well as discuss opportunities to serve through volunteerism and/or financial donations.

The Plymouth Lions Club members like to get their hands dirty through a variety of community projects. Whether raking leaves at Lions Park, sponsoring the PHS Academic Banquet, or collecting used eye glasses to be recycled, our club cheerfully lives up to the Lions motto…. WE SERVE!

Plymouth Lions Club Members

* = Melvin Jones Fellowship; ** = Birch Sturm Fellowship; *** = Knight of Sight Fellowship: **** = Chuck Schumacher Award

David Andrews *
Mallory Andrews
Jerry Baltus *
Bob Blanke *
Stuart Blanke
Martin Bonk *
John Braunreiter
Mike Briggs
Nick Cain
Jason Covaleski ****
Michael Dimig
Tim Doherty
Travis Downs
Tom Droll ****
Terry Evans *
Scott Flood
Robert Fox
Charles Hansen
Wayne Hogue
Robert Johnson
Dan Joslyn
Les Koenigs
Dorothy Kolar
Kevin Loose * ****
Jim Marshall
Adam Mason
Mike McKenzie * ** ****
Lorena McKerrow
Mark Melcher
Thomas Miller
Jon Mueller
Dr. James Nass
John Nelson
Ryan Osness
Robert Passehl
Robert Raeder
Mark Rittorno
Mike Roberts *
Steve Rolzin
Gregory Rusch
Dennis Schwartz * ***
Scott Shaw
Dick Strong
Sam Suchon * *** ****
Shaun Thome
Tom Turicik
Peter Ullrich
Robert Unger *
Paul Van Ess *
Stacie Van Ess
Tyler Vorpagel
Wilbur Westphalen *
Brad Wicklund
Greg Wieser
Jim Wieser
Warren Wieser ** *** ****
Ben Wiley
Jeff Zarembka **
Brian Zurn