The Plymouth Lions Club celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2014. Prior to that, club members challenged themselves to dream of a community service project worthy of such a milestone. The project became known among club members as the “Dare to Dream” project. The club’s vision was to enhance one of the city’s public parks and play areas, making it more accessible for children of all abilities. Ultimately, Stayer Park became the front-runner as the site for “Dare to Dream.”

As the vision became a preliminary plan, it quickly became evident that the magnitude of this project and funding it would require more than selling few grilled cheese sandwiches at the County Fair. In 2015, our club became aware of the city’s Mullet Corridor Study project. In fact, several members of the Plymouth Lions Club were invited to actively participate in the study and the planning phases.

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Plymouth Lions Brian Yerges and Kevin Loose visit Landscape Structures in Delano Minnesota

PLYMOUTH CITY ADMINISTRATOR Brian Yerges (left) and Plymouth Lions Club member Kevin Loose (right) visited Landscape Structures in Delano, Minn., to explore future playground equipment designs for the Plymouth Lion’s “Dare to Dream” project at Stayer Park.