March Raffle Winners

Congratulations to the Calendar Raffle WINNERS for MARCH:

Lynn Kulow, David Gmach, Karol Joslyn, Christina Tebeest, Paul Van Ess, Michelle Zirbel, Richard Strong, Judy Griffin, Charyl Garza, and Donna Koenigs.

Calendar Raffle tickets are $10 each and cover 12 months of drawings for cash prizes. Drawings are conducted monthly, usually at the Plymouth Lions Club Board meetings. The first drawing is held in September then continues to August the following year. 10 winners are drawn each month. 1st prize is $150, 2nd prize is $50, and 8 additional prizes of $25 each are awarded. If you win one month, your name goes right back in the “hopper” so you have the chance to win again, and again, and again. There is a limit of 1000 Calendar Raffle tickets offered each year, so buy yours early. You can contact the Plymouth Lions Club for ticket information.